Instagram Contest Ideas to Engage Your Followers

Instagram Contest Ideas to Engage

With the growing popularity of internet businesses, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to launch social media campaigns. It is one of the tactics you may not find if you take help from some encyclopedia business strategy may be detailed in. It is one of the newer strategies in the e-commerce world.

Entrepreneurship is a tricky business. You need to come up with better, more effective strategies every day. The marketing phase comes a lot later in the process of starting a new business. There is also often a whole lot of business management terminology that you may have heard in your life but now need to implement practically.

The first phase is branding. In this step, you present your business as if it were a living, breathing human with opinions and beliefs. You must project an image of your business that your target audience can believe in and relate to. Only then will they follow it.

The second step of building business is where you advertise your business to the masses. Of course, you may not need to target the entire world population. You will have to focus on a section of the population, which is called the target audience. These are the people you aim to sell your product to. This part is called marketing or advertising.

Next comes merchandising. This is related to the physical sales of your products. For example, if you have a store, you will have to pick the right interior design, product placement, and display. This will attract the targeted leads to your product and hopefully urge them to buy from your store.

Once you have set up your business, your customers may follow your business online. Many businesses have social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Here, your customer base can get updates regarding new products, their availability, or special offers. But in order for your business plan to follow through till the end, you need to keep your consumers engaged.

To do this, you can introduce various contests on social media. One way to engage your audience is to start a voting contest. This is where your followers would be required to post a photograph and try to get the maximum number of likes from their friends. Their posts, of course, will be accompanied by a feature that links them back to your business’s social media profile. It could be a tag or a hashtag. Such contests help in promoting and marketing your brand without a lot of effort from your side.

If you have paid attention throughout this article, you must now be aware of all the important business terms you should know. You are now ready to start your own business!